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May 02

Pub(lic) League Game 4

We had a good turnout last Thursday at our fourth and final Pub(lic) League game of 2017 with 16 people…eventually :D (Click ‘Read the rest of the entry’ to see some pics). 

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Apr 21

Pub(lic) League – Game 3

We had a brilliant turnout yesterday at our third Pub(lic) League game of 2017 with 16 people (Click ‘Read the rest of the entry’ to see some pics). The teams were very well matched and that made for some great exhibitions of footballs skills. The first half saw the Purple team really

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Apr 14

Pub(lic) League – Game 2

We had a good turnout yesterday at our second Pub(lic) League game of 2017 with 18 people (Click ‘Read the rest of the entry’ to see some pics). After a messy first half – as most people would agree to :) – the second half produced some really great football. It was a big

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Apr 07

Pub(lic) League – Game 1

We had a good turnout yesterday – with 14 people – during the kick off game the Wolfhounds GAA pub(lic) league games (Click ‘Read the rest of the entry’ to see some pics). I feel like people got some much needed experience at “game speed”. We had a hand full of people that were experiencing …

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Apr 03

Hop Swap – 5K/Half Marathon

Foothills Brewing and Junction 311 Endurance Sports have partnered to bring you a fun and energetic way to kick off NC Beer Month, the HopSwap Half Marathon & 5k. Some members of the Wolfhounds GAA participated both as Runners, Volunteers and Vendors on the day. We want to congratulate Foothills Brewing for a wonderfully organised …

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Mar 31

International night at DCCC

International night at DCCC where all culture will be celebrated. Date: March 30th Time: 5.30-7.30pm Venue: Davidson County Community College, Thomasville, NC – at the GYM John & myself where there tonight to represent the club and inform the people of Thomasville and beyond of the great Irish Sports and Culture club that is in …

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Mar 08

Gaelic Games & Irish Culture – Upcoming talk

Jason Finnerty teaches Irish language and culture at Davidson County Community College through the Fulbright Language Teaching Assistant (FLTA) program. He will share his knowledge of Irish sports and culture along with his experiences living in the USA. Come learn about hurling, Gaelic football, fairies and the wonders of being an Irishman in a small …

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Mar 08

St. Patrick’s Day 2017

Come celebrate St. Patrick’s Day at Foothills Brewing with the Winston-Salem Wolfhounds, your local Gaelic Football club. There will be a traditional Irish band called Gòilín, some individual Irish musicians (including a guitarist and a bodhrán player), some Irish dancing (who knows ;D), a sample of Irish food, some Irish spot prizes and most importantly some …

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Mar 01

Irish Language, history & Cultural classes at DCCC

                      Here is a list if the upcoming Irish Language, History and cultural classes at Davidson County Community College (DCCC)

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Feb 16

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