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Gaelic footballThe Winston-Salem GAA Club is always searching for new and enthusiastic people to join our club. While we have many goals as a club, the backbone of our organization is the people. A GAA club is a very social association and we pride ourselves on individual development in order to further grow this club. We encourage people of all ages, fitness levels and genders to try Gaelic sports OR just get involved in the club from an administrative or volunteer point of view. If you are interested, please:

  •  sign up for our monthly news letter (look for “Subscribe to our mailing list” on the left menu) or
  • read about registering with the club below


Become an administrator / volunteer / Sponsor / Organizer / Committee Member

  • Please fill out our contact form and select the appropriate topic for your inquiry and the current committee will respond you accordingly.
  • For definitions on club membership please visit Membership page


Player Registration

Registering with the club is a 4 part process:
    1. Complete the simple online registration form

      1. On successful completion of the Registration form, you will be redirected to our Club store page. I encourage you to complete your registration by selecting an option from the ‘Paying for Membership’ section.
    2. Sign the ‘Release of Liability’ (aka waiver) form at your first training session

    3. Submit a digital photo of yourself

      1. If you submitted one during the registration process, then you don’t need to do anything else
      2. Note: photo should be similar to a passport photo; no hats, glasses, etc and your face should be fully visible.  
      3. If you need to submit/resubmit photo, email it to 
    4. Pay the club membership

      1. Digital options are:
        1. Venmo, PayPal, Square
      2. Analog options are
        1. Cash or Check – which can be given to any member of the team at training
  • FULL payment should be paid by April 29th every year. We will deal with anyone joining the club after this date on an individual basis. We encourage you to complete all 4 steps on the same day. The entire process should take you less than 5 mins 


If you are interested in transferring to our club for the summer or for an extended period then please click on the following link – Transfer & Sanction Information – for forms and more information on the process. For specific North American County Board (NACB) J1 sanction forms and information please click on the following link – Overseas Sanctions. If you require any additional assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact our club registrar or check out some of the Transfer/Sanctions FAQs