Apr 07 2017

Pub(lic) League – Game 1

We had a good turnout yesterday – with 14 people – during the kick off game the Wolfhounds GAA pub(lic) league games (Click ‘Read the rest of the entry’ to see some pics). I feel like people got some much needed experience at “game speed”. We had a hand full of people that were experiencing their first Gaelic Football game, so it was great for them and for everyone really. It gave us all a platform to benchmark our skills and fitness and also an environment to practice the skills we have been practicing since early January. 

Carlisle’s Pub on S. Hawthorne Rd hosted our Après Match club gathering where we have time to talk about the game, tactics, benefits, suggestions, improvements and other non GAA related topics. This is a great way to analyze the way we are managing games and also allows players/supporters and fun environment to just hang out.

Carlisle’s is a great bar for our team to meet as it has wonder staff, great beer and lots of televisions that show case all types of sports…with USA soccer and Masters gold being the primary sports on the telly last night :D 


Special Thanks

  • Cormac “The Bomber” O’Donovan for masterfully organizing the teams and the Pub(lic) League structure…even while he is out if the country
  • Ginny Sullivan for kindly being our only supporter on the night and even taking the time to be but score and time keeper…what a gem! :)


So, with the first one under our belt I am hoping for a bigger turn during the next game. Maybe there are some spectators out there who would like to see a game live, well this is your best chance as our fist scheduled home game at the moment is not until Sat July 15th

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