Apr 21 2017

Pub(lic) League – Game 3

We had a brilliant turnout yesterday at our third Pub(lic) League game of 2017 with 16 people (Click ‘Read the rest of the entry’ to see some pics). The teams were very well matched and that made for some great exhibitions of footballs skills. The first half saw the Purple team reallytake control of the flow of the game. Players like Ryan and Erik cleaned up from mistakes on the Grey team’s back line. The Grey team had a lot of chances and players like Timmy and Ghassen had excellent shots stopped on the line be Mike (aka LB) and Joe. The Purple team led by Joe showed great heart to not only put some great strings of football together BUT to also get back and defend. That’s why they led the first half by Purple 5-05 to Grey 1-05

The Second half started off well with some early scores by the Grey team to try and kick start their come back. [During the game a lot of WSSU students who were practicing athletics and playing tag Football stuck around to watch our game…so we will claim them as supporters. However, our one and only true supporter was a lady called Joy who not only came to watch the game but also socialized with the team at Finnigan’s Wake afterwards. Thanks Joy!]

Anyway, back to the game. So, with all the hustle and bustle around the field the same energy (and maybe more) was being expelled on the field. The Purple team really struggled for scores as defenders John and Scott provided great hassle to the Purple forward line. This allowed the midfield and forward s on the grey team to shine. Some great leadership was shown by Jason, Ghassen, Nick, George & Timmy to really take the game and pressure the Purple back line. The attack was tough and consistent and all players were rewarded for their energetic efforts.

Final score was Purple 5-09 V Grey 7-12 


Finnigan’s Wake on 620 Trade St NW, Winston-Salem, NC 27101 hosted our Après Match club gathering where we have time to talk about the game, tactics, benefits, suggestions, improvements and other non GAA related topics. This is a great way to analyze the way we are managing games and also allows players/supporters and fun environment to just hang out.

Special Thanks

  • To Joy who – to our delight – came out to watch her first live Gaelic Football game…hopefully she will come back.
  • To Jasim and Lukas who are both on the injured list right now BUT who we hope to see out playing with us soon. Thanks for the support lads and for being time keepers and photographers
  • To Opie and all the staff at the Finnigan’s Wake who were great hosts. They ensured all 16 of us got seated around the same tables and provided excellent service. The tasty Guinness and chips (aka fries) & curry sauce helps a lot as well :D

As we notch another game under our belt, players and spectators can only expect to see better and better performances, so I encourage all our players and soon to be players as well as supporters to try and participate in or watch a game soon. We only have ONE Pub(lic) League game left. This is also your best chance to see a live game locally, as our fist scheduled home game at the moment is not until Sat July 15th

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