May 02 2017

Pub(lic) League Game 4

We had a good turnout last Thursday at our fourth and final Pub(lic) League game of 2017 with 16 people…eventually :D (Click ‘Read the rest of the entry’ to see some pics). The team were well balanced and this made for a tighter match than the week before. There was a lot of great ball movement with some spectacular scores at the end of them. We did see some tired legs early on in the game as a result of playing a high intensity game of 7 v 7 on a full soccer field for most of the 1st half. This was also great experience for ALL players as it showed them what can happen when players AND the team is not play at close to 100%.

So, with two extra payers joining us for the 2nd half, it did reduce the amount if running slightly and players did fine their stride again. Passing and running off the ball was great

Final score was Purple 5-08 V Grey 1-08

Tanglewood Pizza Company on 5539 US-158, Advance, NC 27006 hosted our Après Match club gathering where we have time to talk about the game, tactics, benefits, suggestions, improvements and other non GAA related topics. This is a great way to analyze the way we are managing games and also allows players/supporters and fun environment to just hang out.

Special Thanks

  • To Joe, Tom & Nancy who – to our delight – came out to watch some live Gaelic Football game and how “volunteered” to help with time keeping and score keeping
  • To Zach and all the staff at the Tanglewood Pizza Company who were great hosts. They ensured all 18 of us got tables and together, with most of us seated around the same table

That is it for our official Pub(lic) league games. We will still periodically have games on Thursdays and they are open to supporters as well. Please keep an eye on our social media for details and/or reach out to our club via email as well or via our contact page. Our next game is away in Baltimore on Saturday May 20th, please visit our game page for more info. We always love to see supporters at our games, so if you are interested in travelling up to Baltimore please contact us with any questions you may have

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